How To Promote Your Music Free On AsorockOnline

How To Promote Your Music Free On AsorockOnline How To Get Your Song Published On AsorockOnline How To Promote Your Music Free On AsorockOnline

AsorockOnline is a 7-years dream come true. As part of our mission to promote talented Artists. We tagged this “LIGHT UP YOUR DREAM”. We have decided to help talented/upcoming Artist get their song/songs in front of millions of our fans (AsorockOnliners), audience, and music lovers worldwide.

We publish artists songs on our website for free and these are the guidelines you will need in order to get your song featured On our website.

Firstly, take note that we do not charge to publish your song on AsorockOnline. Our free music promo tagged “Light Up Your Dream” is said to be the biggest and best online free promotion in Nigeria and Africa, so also, AsorockOnline is the most sought after online free promotion website in Nigeria. AsorockOnline has millions of page views monthly with most visits from Nigeria, the US, UK, South Africa, Ghana, Canada, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Egypt, China, e.t.c.

How To Promote Your Music Free On AsorockOnline

How To Get Your Song Promoted for free Online

To have your song/music video on, it’s quite easy and hassle-free, just follow the below guidelines.

1.     Audio file in .mp3 format

The first thing is the audio file, it must be in .mp3 format. Note that, If the audio file has meta-tags of other website or containing another website’s information, it should be removed or changed to asorockOnline.

2.   The Song Cover Artwork / Graphics

Our vivid advice is, get a professional artwork for your song. Artwork is one of the most important things when it comes to music promotions as it portrays and speak more about the Artist and song. It serves as click-bait, i.e If your Artwork stands out and looks appealing, your song tends to get downloaded faster as it looks impressive merely looking at the Artwork.

Some of the specific dimensions we require are: 546X423, 640X480, and 800X600. Submitting a cover art in one of these dimensions makes the work of the publisher easier. Kindly note that bad Artwork may not be accepted. Get it designed by a professional graphics designer.

3.  Artist Name And Song Title

Include the name of the Artist and the title of the song as this is the most important thing. In the case whereby the Song has more than an Artist, specify it. See the example below;

Artist Name: Chris Brown ft. Davido

Title of Song: Lower Body

4. Song description/bio

Attach a short description of the song. Song description/bio may include the song concept, you may include a short bio of yourself as well as your social media channels where interested readers/fans can get in touch with you.

When writing a long description, you should aim to give short and descriptive information without giving the person looking to download the song a bad impression or get pissed-off, as a lot of people on your music page might be hearing you for the first time. Optionally, you can include the name of the song producer (not compulsory).

Ensure your song description is well written in English with no grammatical errors.

NOTE: Song description/bio is not compulsory for popular and established artists. It is only required from upcoming Artists because probably, we may not know you. Also note that it is important you specify the genre of your song before sending it to our publishers (i.e Hip-hop, Gospel, e.t.c)

How To Get Your Song Published On AsorockOnline

How Do I Get My Song Across To AsorockOnline Publishers?

Get in touch with our publishers via: [email protected] or [email protected] . These are the official email address to send your music/content, any email or contact different from the one above is not from us and we will not be responsible or liable for any fraudulent activity that arises thereafter.

Remember to include the artwork and audio file as attachments while putting the song description/bio in the body of the email.

All we require of you is to share your music/song link the most.

NB: Songs that have the most downloads and views based on their initial momentum get featured and ranked on our Top Notch Music Of The Week charts alongside top African Artists. Also, good songs would have the mp3 tag, our unique signature, “Straight from AsorockOnline”.



By Submitting My Song, What Right Do I Grant AsorockOnline?

By submitting your song, you grant asorockOnline the right to publish, distribute and promote your song, recordings or content in digital format. The right is not limited to AsorockOnline alone but as well include our social media channels.

Do I Still Have Right To My Song/Content?

Definitely Yes, you still have the right to your song/content. You only give AsorockOnline the right to publish, share and promote your song. You are still the copyright owner and you have the full right to sell/distribute it. Note that, AsorockOnline is not restricting your future use or sale of your music.

What Type Of Song Can I Submit?

You should only submit content or song you have the right to distribute. i.e, your original work. The record label may also submit on behalf of an Artist/band/musician.

All genres of Song are acceptable.

How Fast Will My Song Be Published On AsorockOnline?

Songs submitted aptly takes 24hours to 72hours to be properly reviewed and published. But in some cases, takes up to 5 days.


To get your song published faster, make sure you strictly follow the guidelines above [i.e Song in .mp3 format, cover Artwork in .jpeg(kb) format, Artist name, Song Title, Song description/bio].

I Have Submitted My Song Before But My Song Wasn’t Published, Can I Submit Again?

Yes, you can submit again, but make sure you include correct and proper information as requested above.

Will I be notified Immediately My Song get Published?

Sure, you will receive an email from us containing your song download link. Yours is to share the download link with your family, friends, and fans. Ignore any email that is not sent from either [email protected] or [email protected] as any email different from these is not from us, ignore it. You are warned.

“LIGHT UP YOUR DREAM”, See You In Stardom.

Much LOVE from all of us at Asorock Online

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