Nigerians Moment of Pains

Nigerians Moment of

The trend is appalling. Strength is now needed more than ever. The pandemic (Coronavirus) is not as deadlier as some of our leaders and also the laws governing the occurrences.

Politics is never a dirty game as people often say but game to save the lives and dignity of citizens (rescue mission), but unfortunately reverse is the case with the Nigerian politics.

Some of the leaders trade the lives of their people for money and power which is never the agreement. They make their responsibilities appear as though help and not their duty, so they go to media for accolades.

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The standard of living in the country is poor not only because we are poor but because our government is poor in thoughts and in almost every aspect. Instead of looking for solutions to problems they throw blames on the past government which is a great sign of weakness.

This pandemic made the wise more wiser and I personally call it an eye-opener. Now you can fully decipher the good the bad and the ugly. The illegal runnings in the country. You can see clearly how bad our own country is by closely checking how well other countries are performing. We have many mineral resources that can make the country rich not only crude oil but the kind of leaders we have are those that don’t look into investment in youths, education, technology, and innovations.

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They think less of the future of the nation but their children, no matter how dull, they take them to foreign countries for school, medication and allow animals to die in their own hospitals with no full facilities. “They say leave home better so that when things go wrong out there you will have where to run to”.

But they rather invest outside and still come to media to publish what is less important. I doubt if they are ever proud of their achievements for the nation. They claim the nation is broke with their accounts fully loaded, with new expensive cars and exotic lives they live.

Nigerians Moment of Pains_Asorock Online

The Coronavirus pandemic is all you hear and see on media and social media. With no pronounced help from the government. All they say is go and restock, no work no cash but that has been their English lately.

They can figure out exactly how voters card, ballot paper, and box will reach almost every corner of the nation but can’t still figure out how palliative will reach everyone.

Now let’s be wiser than before, we know the vipers and cobras we call politicians. They covet what belongs to the masses, they use religion to tear us apart, penetrate our hearts, and render our youths useless with no quality employment.

Though we have the good ones but they are afraid to stand out because the masses behave also like animals, after all, they do, they will give you part of your stolen money and get away with it.

Nigerians Moment of Pains_Asorock Online

This is a call with a painful heart, let’s be wiser than before. Let’s go for the truth a Christian, a pagan, or a Muslim.
Religion should guide us not to mislead us. It is best we publicly rebuke evil and tell the truth to ourselves, this religious sentiment will lead us nowhere but the hands of the wicked people that appear as one kind of prophet with the aim to rescue but hiddenly doom. If you appreciate the leadership of now is obvious you don’t know where we should have been by now. Because we have all it takes to be one of the renowned countries in the world.

We have intelligent youth that makes great explode in other countries but those down here are not given the chance.

How long will we continue to smile with tears rolling down our eyes? How long will we continue to dwell in this crafty dealings of our leaders? In South Africa, Nigerians are been chase because of how great and best they are compared to the South African base.

Many Nigerians are the best doctors, engineers out there but have no place in their homes.
Our people are great but some of our leaders are not representing us. Let’s be wiser than we are, stronger and bolder.

A.A Emmanuel

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