This Is What To Do When Your Menstruation Stops Coming

This is what to do if your Menstruation Stops Coming or when it is irregular. As a matter of fact, the below procedures and advise can be adopted to cure and prevent menstruation pain occurrence.

1. Eat Ginger
what to do when your menstruation stops coming
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Chewing and eating ginger is said to be a very effective process to induce your menstruation. To a lot of people, Ginger tastes harsh. In this case, if you find it to be too harsh in taste, then you can just make ginger tea. preferably your choice.

It is said that, Ginger can cause your uterus to contract which induces your menstruation.

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2. Drink Turmeric Juice

Turmeric can affects your hormone levels, so also it can correct the imbalances that causes delay of your period. So, note that including turmeric  in your diet and taking it regularly can help make your monthly Menstruation comes without pain and stable as well.


You need rest, i mean it is essential. When you stop seeing your period, this can be an indication, you’ve been under a lot of stress. Too much of stress such as work stress, emotional stress, or any kind of stress whatsoever can mess with your hormones and cause the delay in your period. So, all you need do is to always endeavor to relax and let your hormone and body rest.


Try to take a lot of citrus fruits and watch them work miraculously for your period. Any type of Vitamin C can help induce your period and balance out your hormone levels. Regular intake of Vitamin C will help your body as well as your hormone system.

period stops coming(Photo: Buy Fruit)
5. SE-X

Another way, and probably the most exciting way to induce your period is by having Se-x. Do you know that Semen contains hormones what causes your cervix to dilate which helps induce your period. Orgasms also cause your cervix to dilate, inducing your period.

If you’re having period cramps, try these remedies.

Whenever your period is delayed, try any of the above Method. If it still doesn’t come after that, then see a Medical doctor immediately.


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